Who is Credit Collection Services

How To Deal With Credit Collection Services

Should the dreaded day arrive, and a company called Credit Collection Services (CCS) contacts you for a ccspayment, take it seriously and do not try to sweep the problem under the rug. You can fix the issue, but you have to take proactive steps to defend yourself.

CCS Credit Collections collects debt, usually for another party, and they know how to get results.

They will keep calling until you address the past-due debt, so the best strategy is to work the problem.

Furthermore, the debt may belong to you, and it may not. Since debt collection affects a credit report, there is an added incentive to seek resolution if you do not own the debt. 

Not paying or getting the debt removed can lead to wage garnishment or other legal actions, and the best course is to face the problem.

What Is Credit Collection Services (CCS)?

CCS Companies is headquartered in Norwood, Massachusetts. Founded in 1966, they have a 55-year track record of success and employ 750 people.

The sectors they collect for:

  • Banking and Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Cable and Telecom
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Retail
  • Government

The CCS collection agency operates across the United States, and they claim to get over $5 billion in annual placements.

Credit Collection USA is a third-party debt collector, meaning the debt in question is likely 90 to 180 days old, and CCS has either bought the debt or taken on the responsibility of collecting it for the client.

Collecting for a client may or may not grant the company the ability to negotiate, and a negative impact on your credit report is guaranteed.

As bad debt ages, the debt collector’s tactics keep pace and get more opportunistic. 

Is Credit Collection Services Legit?

Is Credit Collection Services real? Yes, they are a real collection service with a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of B, although the company is not BBB Accredited.

It is also natural to ask, is CCS legit? It is a good idea to treat these calls with the proper skepticism.

Confirm that the company calling you is Credit Collection Services (CCS), located at:

  • 725 Canton Street

Norwood, MA 02062-2679

They also have Credit Collection Services en español.

Strategy to Remove Credit Collection Services From a Credit Report

Knowing how to take the next crucial steps after a CCS notice will help you even if you expect a debt collector to find you because you know you owe money.

Whether or not the phone call takes you by surprise, look at the situation as a whole and carefully decide how to move forward.

In the steps below, we help you understand what is happening, how to best deal with the problem, and come up with the best solution.

Know Your Rights

Federal law protects you from abusive tactics debt collectors might employ. The FTC enforces the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Under this act, debt collectors cannot use abusive, unfair, or deceptive tactics in the process of debt collection.

Use this quick guide to help move forward in the best manner.

If you feel that a debt collector broke the law and violated your rights, proceed to these FAQs to learn how to file a report.

Request Copies of Your Credit Report

Obtaining your credit reports is a must to determine if the debt belongs to you or not.

Once the debt reaches the third party stage of debt collection, the credit reports from the three major agencies should reflect the collection strike.

Fortunately, you can get the reports for free once a year.

Determine if the Debt is Yours

There are some rules of engagement that we recommend following. They are all important, but the most critical part is getting everything in writing. Do not agree to anything verbally that you do not get in writing.

Do not give out personal details about yourself over the phone. Instead, learn as much as possible from the debt collector about the situation by asking questions.

Obtain a Debt Verification Letter From CCS Collections

The law requires that all debt collection services supply a debt verification letter that completely describes the debt, including:

  • The debt amount
  • Relevant dates
  • The original creditor
  • Any other important information

If CCS cannot supply the proper letter, the law states they must cancel the collection and get it removed from your credit report.

What to Do if The Debt is Yours

Once you match the debt with your credit reports, the debt verification letter, and your personal records, it is time to try Pay-for-Delete, meaning you make a credit collection services payment and get the strike deleted from your credit report.

You do not want CCS to send the collection to judgment and be able to do something like garnishing your wages if you live in an applicable state.

Instead, try to negotiate to pay a lower amount. Start with a low offer of 15-20% of the owed amount. CCS might be willing to bargain and make a counteroffer.

Do not forget to have the company send any agreement to you in writing before making payments.

Visit ccsnotice.com or ccspayment.com when you are ready to pay.

What to Do if The Debt Does Not Belong to You

If you cannot match the debt to your credit reports and personal records, demand that they remove the collection from your credit report and stop contacting you.

If you can provide proof that the debt is not yours, and CCS agrees to repair your credit report, demand that they send a letter explaining the mistake, so that you have written proof.

Get a Credit Attorney if Credit Collection Services Will Not Budge

Legal help is a last resort, but CCS may threaten to pursue judgment and garnish wages if you do not pay the debt.

Seeking help from specialists like Lexington Law will likely make CCS take a step back and consider a softer approach.

The Wrap Up

When life doesn’t go as planned, you may get an unwelcome call from Credit Collection Services. Do not run away from the problem and go through the steps that hopefully lead to repairing your damaged credit.

Do not be afraid to seek expert help if things get complicated.