Dealing with Dynamic Recovery Solutions (DRS)

Dealing With Dynamic Recovery Solutions

If you’ve recently checked your credit report and noticed Dynamic Recovery Solutions LLC (DRS), there’s a good chance that you now have a collections account. 

When you owe money to a collector, sometimes their name will appear on your credit report, while other times they’ll hire an agency to do the work for them. Nowadays, Dynamic Recovery Solutions is the collections agency creditors will hire. 

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, the harassing phone calls have probably started to happen too. This can be annoying and stressful. 

While that’s true, there’s no need to panic. Hopefully, learning more about Dynamic Recovery Solutions and what you can do about them will make you feel less worried. 

How to deal with Dynamic Recovery Solutions

What are Dynamic Recovery Solutions?

Simply put, Dynamic Recovery Solutions is a debt collection agency. They first became a debt collection agency back in 2008, and their headquarters is in Greensboro, South Carolina. 

The collectors at this agency will collect from anyone with almost any debt. When a creditor can’t collect the unpaid debt from someone, they’ll hire an agency like this one to do it for them. They’re known for collecting outstanding debts from: 

  • Healthcare
  • Credit cards
  • Utilities
  • Banking 
  • Student loans
  • Retail

While they may seem like a scam considering the several phone calls, they are a legitimate collections agency. 

Why is Dynamic Recovery Solutions Appearing on My Credit Report?

Even if you don’t recall having any unpaid debts, your creditors will remember and have a record. When they’ve been unsuccessful in reaching you about these debts, they’ll hire an agency like Dynamic Recovery Solutions to do the leg work for them. 

Since your creditor has hired them to settle your debt, they’re going to appear on your credit report. Whether you forgot about certain debts or were unable to pay for whatever reason, you may start getting calls from Dynamic Recovery Solutions. 

How Does Dynamic Recovery Solutions Work?

Dynamic Recovery Solutions can’t start contacting you out of the blue. Whether it be a student loan company, a hospital, or another loan service, your creditor needs to reach out to them for assistance. 

Your creditor will give the debt collectors at Dynamic Recovery Solutions your contact information and begin reaching out to collect your unpaid debt on behalf of the creditor.

Before you notice them on your credit report, you’ll probably start receiving regular phone calls from agents at the company. 

They’ll call you, introduce themselves, and try to discuss payment for your debts. Sometimes they’ll even send communications by mail in addition to phone calls. Sometimes, it can feel like they’re hounding you for your money, but that’s what they’ve been hired to do. 

How to Remove Dynamic Recovery Solutions From Your Credit Report

Something important to know about Dynamic Recovery Solutions is that even if you speak with them and repay your debts, it’s not a guarantee that this company will be removed from your credit report. 

Having Dynamic Recovery Solutions showing on your credit report, even after you’ve repaid your debts, can cause your credit score to take hits. The good news is that there are ways you can get this debt collector off of your credit report and stop taking hits to your score because of it.

The even better news? It’s not as challenging to remove them from your credit report as you may think. 

Send a Debt Validation Letter

The first way to remove Dynamic Recovery Solutions from your credit report is to send a debt validation letter. A debt validation letter is written communication that validates that the money they’re trying to collect from you is actually yours and not someone else’s or of the wrong amount.  

Unfortunately, errors on credit reports, whether it’s the wrong person or the wrong amount, are more common than you may think. That’s why validating that the debt collectors are trying to get from you is yours. You don’t want to pay a debt that’s not yours or more than you should be if it is.

When Dynamic Recovery Solutions initially reaches out to you, they must inform you of your right to request a debt validation within five days of initial contact. From there, you have 30 days to send them this letter. 

While sending the debt validation letter after 30 days may still get you a response, it’s doubtful. That’s why you don’t want to put this off. If you send it within 30 days, you’ll receive a response confirming whether the debt is yours or not.

You’ll need to fill out a Section 609 A Form. This form helps the debt collectors confirm that your name, social security number, and transaction date match the debt associated with you. If it comes back that the debt is not yours, you’ll need to send a letter disputing the debt to both the debt collector and the credit bureau.

Sending this letter to both parties immediately upon realizing the debt isn’t yours will ensure that they’re removed from your credit report.

Negotiate a Partial Payment

Most of the time, people can’t repay their debts right away or at all. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t pay the entire amount of your debt, negotiating a lower payment may be a good idea. 

Most debt collectors would rather have some of the money back than none at all. You may be able to negotiate an agreement where you pay your debts and delete the account from your credit report. This is very common when it comes to removing unwanted things on a credit report. 

If you need to lower your debt, you can still try to negotiate this pay to delete agreement with a lower rate. Now, it’s not always going to work, but it’s well worth a shot if it means removing Dynamic Recovery Solutions from your credit report.

Once you and the debt collectors have agreed, you’ll need to pay off your debt or agreed-upon amount. Once you do that, you should see them removed from your report within 30 days. If they’re still there after 30 days, you’ll need to get in touch with Dynamic Recovery Solutions and remind them to remove the account.

If for some reason, Dynamic Recovery Solutions refuses to abide by your agreement to remove the account from your credit, you may need to hire a lawyer.

Hire a Credit Repair Company

You can do all the leg work yourself to remove DRS from your credit report yourself, but sometimes it’s easier to hire a professional who is used to dealing with debt collectors. 

More and more credit repair companies are popping up in the hopes of helping people repair their credit by removing debts from their reports. 

They’ll send the validation letter, written communication request and can even help you negotiate a lower payment on your behalf. It’s all completely legal, and they follow all the laws outlined in the FDCPA. 

How much it costs to hire a credit repair company varies. If you really don’t want to do the legwork yourself, you may want to shop around looking for one you not only trust but is within your budget. 

What Dynamic Recovery Solutions Can’t Legally Do

If you’ve ever dealt with a debt collector before, you’ve probably wondered if what they’re doing is legal and, if it is, to what extent. While the calls can be annoying, calling you isn’t illegal. Now, there are some loopholes to this. 

If you’ve spoken with someone at DRS about a timeframe that doesn’t work for them to call you because you’re at work or it’s inconvenient for another reason, they cannot legally continue to call you at that time. 

Another thing they can’t legally do when it comes to calling you is calling you before eight in the morning or after nine at night unless you specifically tell them that’s the only time you can speak. These are two of the main things they can’t legally do. Here are a few other things DRS collectors can’t legally do: 

  • Use explicit or abusive language 
  • Continue to call you when you’ve told them to stop
  • Misrepresent themselves 
  • Give you false information about your debt 
  • Continue to call you after you’ve requested written communication only
  • Request you pay a debt that has passed the statute of limitations 

What Are the Best Strategies for Dealing with Debt Collection Agencies?

When it comes to handling ars collections from debt collection agencies, there are a few strategies that can help individuals navigate this process successfully. Firstly, maintaining clear communication by keeping documentation of all correspondence is crucial. Secondly, understanding one’s rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and seeking legal advice if needed can provide valuable guidance. Lastly, negotiating payment plans or settlements can be an effective approach to resolve debts and avoid any potential legal consequences.

How to Get in Touch with Dynamic Recovery Solutions 

When debt collectors call you from DRS, you may see various phone calls since they have several phone lines for debt collectors to call multiple people. 

If you need to get in touch with debt collectors at DRS before they call you next, you can get in touch with them via their central phone line or by mail.

The office’s main phone line is (844) 735-9451. If you prefer to send them an email, they can be reached at Last but not least, their mailing address is 135 Interstate Blvd, Greensboro, South Carolina 29615.

How to Get Dynamic Recovery Solutions to Stop Calling so Often

Let’s face it. When debt collectors call, they can be relentless. While it is their job to get in touch with you, it can be frustrating receiving multiple calls every single day.

You have rights when you owe a creditor money. Per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you can negotiate how all your correspondence with any debt collector should go. 

Even if you don’t want to speak with an agent, requesting that all future correspondence be by mail only can help prevent more unwanted calls. While Dynamic Recovery Solutions is a legitimate company, on the off chance they’re not behaving professionally, written communication gives you proof if ever this happens. 

Final Thoughts

Debt collectors can be frustrating to deal with. When you owe a creditor money, they’re most likely going to hire an agency, like Dynamic Recovery Solutions, to hound you for their money back to save themselves the resources. 

Having a company as DRS appear on your credit report can cause your score to lower and prevent you from buying a house, car, or other things. Removing them from your credit report is the best way to get your score back on track. 

Luckily, DRS is a legitimate business, and removing them from your credit report isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Requesting a validation letter, negotiating a pay to delete agreement, or hiring a credit repair company are the steps you need to take to remove DRS from your report.