How to Handle ARS Collections

How to Handle ARS Collections

Have you ever received an ARS collections phone call or text message stating that you owe them a debt?  This situation can be pretty anxiety-inducing and puzzling if you lack all the necessary information on what ARS Collections Inc. encompasses.   The most important facts on who to contact, how to get the ARS off of your credit reports, and all the crucial steps in between are here.

What Is ARS?

ARS Collections Inc., also known as ARS National Services Inc., is a massive third-party collection agency chiefly stationed in Escondido, California. Account Resolution Services or ARS Account Resolution specializes in debt collection around the United States. ARS Collections partners with various banks, consumer loans, and credit card companies in collecting charged-off debts. This collection company possesses ARS debt collectors who spend their time doing everything to track down your information and report it to the credit bureaus.  The collection agency wants you to send the ARS payments to relieve your debt. This company will do anything to complete this task. 

Is ARS a Legitimate Company?

The ARS collection agency is undoubtedly a legitimate, nationwide company for advanced resolution services.  Their website provides all the information on what the collection agency does and how to make payments on your outstanding debt.

Can ARS Collections Sue Me?

The ARS collection company can have a legal judgment placed onto your credit report which is one of the most damaging items that can exist on a credit document. Judgments ruin your credit score if not settled as quickly as possible. This derogatory item can also lead to obstacles, counting wage garnishment, seizure of your assets, and tax liens placements against you and your property.  Moreover, the simple answer is yes. The ARS can sue you to cover the cost of your debt. Intermittently, the ARS refuses to negotiate out of their initial terms but not always. What can you do if the collection agency goes on a pursuit to sue you? 

Is AFNI Collections a Part of ARS Collections and How Should I Handle Them?

While dealing with AFNI Collections, it is important to understand its relationship to ARS Collections. AFNI Collections is a separate entity from ARS Collections, and they are not part of the same organization. When facing AFNI Collections, it is advisable to handle them promptly and efficiently, addressing any outstanding debts or disputes to alleviate any potential financial implications.

How Do I Get an ARS Off My Credit Report?

There are several methods to better handle ARS credit reports.  These solutions include requesting a security freeze on your credit, demanding account or debt validation, calling the ARS phone number listed on the website to make payments, or contacting ARS collections customer service

Requesting ARS Credit Freezes

When requesting a security freeze on your ARS credit report, lenders and banks will not have access to your credit information. To get started, here is an ARS freeze request template letter. You will need to fill out the freeze request form with all of the required details. This information includes your government name, address, phone number, social security number (SSN), Driver’s license or ID, and date of birth.

Requesting Account Validation

Account validation or debt validation is the most effective way to battle against ARS debt collectors.  Requesting that your debt be validated is your right granted by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).  This request essentially requires that the ARS National Services provide physical proof that the debt they say you owe is actually your debt and not someone else’s. If the ARS fails to validate your debt, then you are no longer legally responsible to cover the cost. 

Contacting the ARS to Negotiate

Entering negotiations with the ARS is typically only something you want to do after you can verify that your account is validated.  Once your request for debt validation is complete, you will need to review the legal time window for which you are legally responsible for paying the debt. This window is also known as the statute of limitations. This step does not always apply to every debt classification but it absolutely applies to charged-off debt, which the ARS holds specializations in.  After looking over the statute of limitations, you will want to begin negotiating with the ARS directly. It is vital that you always negotiate to settle your debt for significantly less than the actual amount. For instance, if the ARS reaches out to you about your debt of 1,000 USD, you might be able to settle the debt for just a quarter of that cost, which would instead be 250 USD. You can further negotiate to settle your account at a minimum of 10% or a maximum of 40% of the original debt balance in its entirety. 

The ARS Must Agree to Stop Reporting Your Account

Once the negotiations are resolved, it is necessary to get the ARS to stop reporting your account information to the three major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian). Neglecting to come to this agreement with the ARS national services will lead to the status of the collection listing being the only item to change on your credit report.  If the collection listing is the only status to change, it will then appear as a “paid collection.” A paid collection status is still a derogatory item to have on your credit report.

ARS Collections Information

While headquartered in California, other ARS Collections locations can be found through their United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) website under the “Find a Location” section.  The ARS can be contacted to make payments from their toll-free phone at (844) PAY-ARS2 or (844) 729-2772. For all written correspondence, their address is Account Resolution Services, P.O. Box 459079, Sunrise, FL 33345-9079.  Payments can be sent by mail to Account Resolution Services, P.O. Box 630806, Cincinnati, OH 45263-0806. The ARS Account Resolutions operating hours are 8 AM to 8 PM eastern standard time (EST) from Monday through Thursday and from 8 AM to 5:30 PM EST on Fridays. The collection company is completely closed on weekends. 


ARS Collections Inc. can be undeniably intimidating if you do not have all the mandatory technicalities to either pay them off or negotiate ways to get them off of your credit report.  Given all of the specifics shared above, you will improve your ability to navigate communications and correspondence with this collection company, protecting your credit from any further damage in the future.