What Is BRCLYSBANKDE, and Why Is It on My Credit Report

What Is BRCLYSBANKDE, and Why Is It on My Credit Report?

Seeing BRCLYSBANKDE on your credit report can be alarming if you’ve checked your credit recently and don’t recall applying for credit with them. However, there’s no need to panic immediately because it may be a legitimate item on your report. 

We’ll discuss some of the reasons BRCLYSBANKDE might be listed, how long a credit inquiry stays on your credit record, and how to remove them from your credit report. 


BRCLYSBANKDE stands for Barclays Bank Delaware. 

Barclays Bank is one of the most significant international banks with a strong US presence. Barclays’ head office is in London, England, UK. If you are worried that DE stands for Deutschland (Germany) and you live in the US, you’ll be happy to learn that the “DE” refers to the Barclays Delaware headquarters in the US. 

What Is Barclays Bank Delaware on My Credit Report?

If you applied for a financial product with either Barclays or one of their third-party associates, you will see BRCLYSBANKDE on your credit report. 

You Applied for One of Barclays’ Financial Products

The most obvious reason for Barclays to show up on your credit report is if you have applied for a financial product from them.

When you apply for a credit card or loan, you are essentially giving the company permission to do a credit check on your credit report. Some credit checks are “hard,” while others are “soft.” Soft inquiries don’t affect your credit score, while hard inquiries do.

Barclays does a hard credit check on your credit report if you apply for any of the following financial products from them or their affiliates:

  • Loan (mortgage, auto, student, personal, etc.)
  • Credit card (like Barclaycard, a Barclays bank credit card)
  • Credit limit increase
  • Line of credit

If you got a Barclay credit card pre-approval offer, they might have only completed a soft inquiry to confirm your score. However, if you completed an application for a product like a Barclays personal loan or credit card, you will see a hard credit check from Barclays on your account.

Doing a hard credit check allows the lender to look closer at your past credit habits and helps them decide if you should be approved. 

You Applied for a Financial Product from a Barclays Bank Affiliate

However, it’s also possible for BRCLYSBANKDE to show up on your credit report if you have applied for a financial service from one of Barclays’ third-party associates, not just if you have a “Brclysbankde credit card.” 

Barclays works with 25 companies to offer loans and rewards credit cards across a variety of industries, including travel, retail, and entertainment.

Even if you didn’t apply for a product directly from them, their name can still show up on your report if you have or apply for a card from one of their partners. Some Barclays Bank Delaware credit cards include:

  • AARP Rewards
  • American Airlines
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Carnival
  • Choice
  • Diamond Resorts
  • Emirates Skywards Premium
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Holland America Line
  • JetBlue
  • JetBlue Business
  • Lufthansa
  • NFL Extra Points
  • Priceline
  • Princess Cruises
  • RCI Elite Rewards 
  • Upromise
  • Wyndham

So, if BRCLYSBANKDE or Barclays Bank Delaware mysteriously shows up on your credit check and you have applied for a credit card or loan with one of their affiliates like RCI Barclays, you can rest assured that nothing is amiss. 

Even if you applied for and didn’t receive a card from an affiliate like the Barclays RCI Elite rewards card, you could still find their name on credit history as a result of the Barclays pre-approval process. 

It’s a Fraudulent Charge

If you haven’t applied for a financial product with Barclays DE or one of their third-party affiliates, there’s a good chance that the BRCLYSBANKDE listing on your credit report is fraudulent.

How Long Does a Hard Credit Check Stay on Your Record?

Hard credit checks stay on your credit report for two years, so you will need to consider any credit applications you have made within the last two years if you see a Barclays hit on your record. 

Potential creditors can obtain your credit report from just one or up to all three major credit bureaus. You can lose a few points on your credit score by undergoing a hard credit check, and multiple inquiries can cause a larger impact. 

Getting BrclysBankDe off Your Credit History

In some cases, reporting errors come from identity fraud. If someone made a credit card application in your name, you should act quickly to fix the situation. 

Contacting Credit Bureaus

Credit bureaus can delete hard credit checks from your credit report under certain circumstances. 

You can take several steps to remove Barclays from your credit report if you haven’t applied for a credit card or loan with them or one of their affiliates. 

It’s important to deal with the credit bureaus if you notice a charge or application for a credit card or loan that you did not make. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives you 30 days to contest a hard credit check.

The steps to dispute a fraudulent credit item with a credit bureau include:

  1. Obtain a credit report: You will need to print out the most recent copy of your credit report from each credit bureau that contains the fraudulent entry.
  2. Identify the errors: Circle and notate the Barclays items on your credit report that are fraudulent.
  3. Complete a credit bureau dispute form: Fill out the Experian dispute form, Equifax dispute form, or TransUnion dispute form, depending on which bureau or bureaus you need to contact.
  4. Send your credit dispute to the appropriate credit bureau: You will need to include as much information as possible to support your credit dispute when you send your dispute form. You can dispute the fraudulent entry online, by phone, or by mail.
  5. The credit bureau will delete the fraudulent item from your credit report.

Contacting Barclays

You can report fraudulent transactions by contacting the credit card company directly. If you discover another person opening accounts in your name, pretending to be you, or misusing your personal information, be proactive about contacting Barclays directly.

The steps you should take to contact Barclays includes:

    1. Send details of your Barclaycard dispute charge to their BRCLYSBANKDE Wilmington DE 19899 address: The Barclays bank Delaware address to send dispute documentation is Card Services, PO Box 8801, Wilmington, DE 19899-8801
    2. Alternately, you can call The Barclays Bank Delaware customer service number: The number for general inquiries is 1-866-928-8598.
  • Barclays will open up a case for you.
  1. Barclays will notify you after completing their investigations. Barclays will need a few weeks to investigate and resolve your case.

Other Steps to Take

Some other steps you should take if someone steals your identity to apply for a credit card with Barclays Bank include:

  • Make a claim with your identity theft insurance if you have any.
  • Contact the IRS and submit a Form 14039 Identity Theft affidavit if someone has stolen your social security card number.
  • Report your identity theft with the Federal Trade Commission at  identitytheft.gov. 
  • Freeze your credit.
  • Register for free credit monitoring.
  • Make your accounts more secure by switching to stronger passwords.
  • Look for unrecognized accounts on your credit history.
  • Scrutinize your bank and credit card statements for unauthorized charges. 
  • Protect your PIN number.

Credit Repair Companies Can Help

To ensure you don’t miss any changes to your credit, consider using a free credit monitoring platform like Credit Karma. It’s quick to sign up and easy to use. It can be a headache to tackle credit report inaccuracies. If you want assistance with improving your credit score, consider working with a credit repair company.

You can dispute negative credit and confront collectors no matter how large the fraudulent charges are. Credit repair companies can help resolve a wide range of credit problems, including:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Charging-off
  • Collections
  • Bank foreclosures
  • Judgments
  • Liens

How to Get BRCLYSBANKDE off Your Credit Report

Unless the credit bureau can establish that you applied for a credit card or loan through Barclays, you should be able to get Barclays off your report. 

Even if you didn’t apply for funding from them, don’t worry about it. Losing a few points on your credit score can be frustrating. However, one hard inquiry won’t make or break your credit. Two years from now, it won’t even appear on your report. 

Consider using a credit repair company if you need help improving your credit. And if you haven’t already, sign up for a credit monitoring service to be aware of any changes to your credit report. 

To Conclude

BRCLYSBANKDE might be on your credit file if you apply for a financial product through Barclays Bank or one of their third-party affiliates. Of course, it could also be on your credit report for fraudulent purposes. 

If you see a charge from Barclays Bank DE or any company you don’t recognize, be sure to follow the steps given above to remove them from your credit report and repair your credit. There’s no need to keep a fraudulent charge on your account, and laws exist to protect you if such a thing has happened to you.