who is afni collections

How to Deal with AFNI Collections

Dealing with AFNI Collections and other debt collection agencies can be extremely stressful, especially if you get harassed by them multiple times a day. These companies use very intimidating and downright aggressive tactics in order to get you to pay. If you have been getting letters and phone calls, you have options on how to deal with AFNI Collections.

What Is AFNI?

AFNI Collections, as the name suggests, is an agency that specializes in collecting debt.

Who Does AFNI Collections Collect For?

Companies hire debt collection agencies like AFNI Inc to track down borrowers who owe debt on their behalf. Afni tends to have had clients from larger businesses, such as healthcare providers or insurance companies. Creditors sell the unpaid debt to AFNI Inc Collections, which causes a hit to the borrower’s credit report. You will likely see them listed as an account in collections if you look through your credit report.

AFNI Collections Contact Information

Afni Phone number: 866-352-0479 Address: Afni, Inc. PO Box 3097 Bloomington, IL 61702-3427 Website: afnicollections.com/ 

Is AFNI Collections Scam?

No. AFNI Collections is a long-standing company that helps businesses collect debt. It is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business and currently has a B+ rating. Though this company is not a scam, mistakes happen, and you may not owe the debt that is claimed. If you believe that the collection mark on your account is a mistake, you can contact the AFNI Collection Agency to file a complaint. If you get a call from AFNI Collections, do not write them off as a scam and ignore their calls. In fact, you should never immediately assume that a debt collection agency is scamming you.

How Can I Remove AFNI Collections From My Credit Report?

Removing TransWorld Systems from your credit report can be challenging. To remove TransWorld Systems from credit report, dispute any inaccurate information directly with the credit bureaus. Gather supporting documents and explain why the entry is incorrect. Alternatively, seek help from a credit repair agency for professional assistance in resolving AFNI collections on your credit report.

Steps To Take When Dealing With AFNI Collections

Here’s how to deal with AFNI if you ever come into contact with them or find it in your credit score.

Ensure That the Debt Is Yours

One mistake individuals that the AFNI Collection Agency contacts may make is trying to pay immediately to get them to leave you alone. Though it can be tempting to just pay it off so you can finally stop the harassment, you run the risk of paying for debt that isn’t even your own. One complaint that AFNI Collections tends to get is that they try collecting invalid debts, so be sure to double-check this before you pay them a cent.  Others may do the polar opposite by blocking calls and ignoring the company altogether. This is also a mistake and puts you at the risk of potentially getting sued by them.  Dealing with debt collectors is stressful, and it can be hard to know what steps to take. Your best bet for dealing with AFNI Inc Collections lies somewhere between the two extremes. One option is to send the debt collection agency a debt validation letter. This is an easy way to pause the process until they prove you are the person who owes the debt. If not, you will not be obligated to pay, and the debt will be removed immediately.

Know Your Rights

By knowing your legal rights with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you deal with AFNI Collections more efficiently. Unfortunately, many collection agencies try to ignore statutes that are within the FDCPA. After doing your research, let the AFNI Collection Agency know that you understand your federal rights. Reference the FDCPA and mention a couple of previsions of the law so they know they can’t try any illegal manipulation tactics. Under the FDCPA, debt collection agencies cannot:
  • Collect on debts that don’t exist
  • Use threatening or abusive language
  • Call outside of their restricted hours
If you know your federal rights, you can have an advantage over any debt collection agency you have to deal with. 

What to Do if the Debt Is Valid

After determining that the debt is yours, you have a few options when it comes to paying it.
  • Make a full payment
  • Work out a payment plan
  • Offer to pay in full in exchange for a reduced total amount
  • Offer to create a payment plan in exchange for a reduced total amount
Debt collection agencies aim to get paid as much as they can and right away. Usually, they will be willing to negotiate to reduce the total amount you owe if you offer to pay. Begin with an offer to pay the collection in full or with a payment plan only if they reduce the total amount by 50%. They may or may not say no, but you can continue to negotiate from there. Once you and AFNI Collections agree, get the plan in writing before you send any amount of money to them. Be sure that this letter specifically discloses the amount you have agreed to pay. AFNI Collections may accept your payment and then harass you for the original balance due to not having the agreement in writing.

Other Tips on How to Deal with AFNI Collections

Here’s some more tips to keep in mind when dealing with this agency.

Get Everything in Writing

Not only should you get any payment agreements in writing, but it is helpful to get all correspondence in writing. All communication should be done through the mail. It may seem like a hassle, and you may be tempted to handle it all over the phone to get it over with. However, there are many benefits to utilizing this form of communication with a debt collector like AFNI Collections. Benefits of corresponding through mail: 
  • Reducing or eliminating irritating phone calls
  • Provides a paper trail, which is vital if you have ever had to go to court with them
  • Every single detail will be in writing to refer back to

Avoid Giving Bank Account Information

Even if they pressure you and make you feel like the only option is to give bank information, it is not true. You have the legal right to pay with a check.

Negotiating With AFNI Debt Collections

It would help if you negotiated before making any payments. There is a good chance of paying less than what you owed in total.  For older debts, you have an even greater chance of getting a large amount removed from what is owed. The statute of limitations on debt collection can vary between states, but the average is seven years. This means, once your debt reaches the seven-year mark, it is removed from your credit report. This gives you a lot of leverage, as they are aware that there is only a short period of time to get a payment from you at all.

Paying AFNI Collections

Dealing with a debt collection agency can bring a lot of anxiety to most people. It can be even more stressful if you are financially strapped. Before making any payments, look at your finances. You don’t want to dig yourself into more debt by offering to pay more than you can. If paying a lot upfront will hurt you financially, negotiate a payment plan that works suits you. Tell AFNI Debt Collections what you can pay upfront and then what you can pay monthly. Once the agreement is made, get it in writing.

How Do I Get Rid of AFNI Collections?

It can feel overwhelming to be constantly called by debt collectors. However, no matter how much you block their calls, they will find a way to get back in touch with you. The best way to deal with AFNI Collections and make them go away is to come to an agreement with them. Remember your legal rights, give them the options you can for repaying the debt, and you will have more control over the conversation.


AFNI Collections is a legitimate debt collection agency that may contact you if you owe money to a creditor. Preparing yourself ahead of time, reviewing your finances, and understanding your legal rights will determine how you deal with AFNI Collections.